Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Great Penguin Race

The annual Great Penguin Race was back at Cranmore supporting a new local charity, the Pediatric Neurotransmitter Disease Association. The association had been hard at work selling the penguins every chance they had, near and far.  Participants were able to purchase penguins the day of the event as well.  This year the PND Association included a silent auction, and Ski with PND as well.  The Silent Auction was held on the third floor featuring autographed athlete photographs, gift cards and more. Skiers and riders were able to purchase lift tickets through the organization as well, and all funds were donated to PND.

The Drew family generously donated their time and efforts to make today possible in association with Cranmore.  They sold 216 penguins to race down the mountain, and raised almost $2,000 through lift tickets.  The Silent Auction is still happening as I write this, and will continue until 3:00pm today.  It was amazing to see a local family pool together with the community to raise money for such an amazing cause. Stay tuned for next year's event as it can only continue to grow! 


Kanwal Liaquat said...

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Unknown said...

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