Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Caring for your winter equipment

Summer is definitely here and winter is far in the rear view mirror. With that said, it is pretty common of people to throw their skis and snowboard into a closet and forget about it to next season. A lot of times when people take their equipment out of summer hibernation they realize they never fixed that broken binding or patched that core shot. When you do this you are putting yourself in a bad situation. You might miss some of the first days of the season. A lot of people start bringing their skis and snowboards to their local ski shop to get serviced before the season starts and it might take the technicians days to get to your equipment. Save yourself the headache and get it done in the summer.

Waxing your bases is very key to keeping everything in working order come next season. Applying a thick layer of wax on your bases and edges will help prevent oxidation and excessive drying throughout the hot summer months.

Are your gloves, hats, and jackets a little dirty? Clean it all up. Although spring skiing provides great soft conditions it also brings plenty of mud throughout the parking lots. Chances are there is mud caked somewhere on your clothing. Throw your clothing through the wash, you'll be thankful in the fall when your clothes smell like fresh mountain springs as opposed to mold. Once all of your clothing is clean and dry, apply water repellant spray onto your jacket and snowpants. The water repellant spray will rejuvenate the gore-tex in your outerwear.

Prepping for next season doesn't require all that much work or time. Don't procrastinate on it though, you will be thankful you did it early when the snow starts to fly.

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