Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to survive the offseason

Soon after the last chairlift stops moving, the wait for next winter begins. Memories of powder days and great corduroy, although a recent event seem so long ago due to the realization that summer is right around the corner. Even though it will be months before another flake falls, there are plenty of things you can do to make the summer months less torturous. 

Chances are you probably took some photos or video footage throughout the season. Now is the time to sort through everything you gathered and make something that will forever immortalize this past season. Creating a video can be fun and time consuming at the same time. Play around with different music, zany graphics and transitions to jazz up the video. Then when completed, show it off to all your friends and family. If video editing is a bit advanced for you, get old school with photos. Print them out and create a scrapbook. Creating a scrapbook allows you so many avenues to highlight the season. You could put photos in the book in order by date or you could create chapters like powder days, rail jam events or ski racing. 

 Getting in shape for next season is never a bad idea. Don’t be out of breath on the first run next season because you sat on the couch all summer. Take up road or mountain biking. Both are tremendously great cardio workouts and both will remind you of that fast Meister Cup run you took only a few months ago. Are you a fan of glade skiing or riding? Mountain biking will give you that same sensation as you weave your way through a sea of tall trees. 

Once the season ends a lot of people will simply throw all of their equipment in a closet and forget about it until the start of the next season. Often times people will take their equipment out of it's summer hibernation to find that they need to sharpen, wax and fix a part of their binding as they are loading up the car for the first day of the season. Before tucking your stuff away for the summer, make sure that you have thrown on a summer coat of wax to protect your base as well as taking care of anything thing wrong with your equipment. You want to be ready for next season starts.

Buying your season pass now not only ensures that you will be able to get on the lifts; you will also save some money before rates increase throughout the summer and fall.  The extra money that will be left in your pocket will help purchase that new snowboard, a new pair of fancy looking goggles or a filling meal in Zip’s Pub and Grill.

Nowadays a lot of people prefer to listen to music when they ski or ride, if you are not one of those people look into becoming one of those people. Music simply adds to the overall experience. Explore new music through Pandora and Spotify. Create plenty of playlists to last through the whole winter.

All of these activities will make the days and months disappear quicker than you would have imagined. Before you know it we will be back on the slopes of Cranmore Mountain!

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