Monday, February 11, 2013

17 Inches of Snow!

Can't see his skis!

Winter Storm Nemo found its way to Cranmore over the weekend, leaving 17 inches of fresh powder. Saturday was a classic powder day here and the snow was incredibly light and fluffy. People came out in droves early to make sweet effortless turns on runs like Koessler and Ledges. There wasn’t a soul on the mountain that didn’t have a grin that stretched from ear to ear on their face.  

Kicking up snow!
All this snow has certainly added to the already deep base our Team Snowmageddon has built on the trails. This added assistance from Mother Nature will definitely ensure deep bases for spring skiing later this season.  Now that the storm has come and pass, the trails have a perfect packed powder corduroy surface that will stay like this going into February vacation week and beyond. The skiing and riding is downright phenomenal.   Make sure you make your way to Cranmore soon. You will not regret it!

Fresh Tracks

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