Friday, November 16, 2012

Let the snow rituals begin.

Cranmore's man made snowstorm.
Since November 5th we have been firing up the snowguns any chance we get, as we push towards our projected opening date of Friday November 23rd.  In the offseason we added 60 high energy efficient snowguns to our arsenal which now brings our grand total to 378. The 250,000 dollar investment in the new snowmaking equipment will greatly help us lay down a great foundation of snow. But let’s be honest we can make all the snow that we want, but there is something about natural snow that is just fantastic. There is the anticipation of a major Nor’Easter rolling in, and the excitement of seeing the landscape outside freshly coated with new snow. There is the sheer joy that comes with a powder day and the stories that last a lifetime. To put it simply we live for snow, and lots of it as skiers and riders.

A skier enjoying Ullr's gifts.
As many of us know by living on the East Coast, Ullr the snow god sometimes doesn’t treat us the way we would like or he pays too much attention to our friends to the West. But once in a great while he looks down and delivers the goods to the land that we most certainly cherish. But there are plenty of things we can do to help our cause. Ullr is a stubborn, fickle man, and we have to do everything in our power to please him. Urban legend has it that Ullr is a huge fan of snow rituals and superstitions. There are so many of them, that any of us can perform them, and most of them don’t require that much effort.  

Ullr the snow god.
For those who want it to dump every single day of the year and never see summer again this is the ritual that may be right up your alley. Gather as many of your skiing and riding buddies as you can. Start a bonfire the size of Rhode Island and throw old equipment into the fire. Burning old straight skis and neon colored snowboards will show Ullr that you are willing to part with the past and are ready for any storm that he can dish out in the future. Before throwing the skis and snowboards into the blaze, circling around the fire chanting skiing and riding terminology with your equipment high above your head can’t hurt your cause either.

For those who want to be more civil than barbaric, some of the best rituals are ones that take us back to days in Elementary school.  Wear your pajamas inside out before tucking yourself into bed. Not into wearing your pajamas inside out? Try this one out. You’ll have to break into the piggy bank and take out all of the pennies and stack them as high as you can on the windowsill. Do this when a storm is heading towards North Conway, supposedly the more pennies you have the more snow that will fall from the snowstorm. 

The list goes on and on with snow rituals, too many of them to mention in this blog. Take a look online for other rituals and get out there and do your part. Cranmore needs your help, your fellow brethren of snow needs your help. Start your snow rituals today!

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