Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall is in the Air

An autumn blog by April Deschenes

With Labor Day behind us now, it’s time to think fall. The tourists have gone home, the kids are back in school and North Conway has returned to the quiet, quaint town we all know and love. Just because the mad summer rush has diminished, doesn’t mean your family fun has to also. With Cranmore continuing to be open on the weekends from 10am-5pm now until October 8th, your family can still have fun between school and homework.

Although I am the type of person who really cannot wait until the first snowflake falls from the sky, I’d rather not rush the beauty of a New Hampshire autumn.  If you’ve ever been to North Conway in the fall, you know it is one of the best areas for great fall foliage site seeing. Why not check out the turning leaves from the summit of Cranmore? Grab a chair on the Skimobile Express Quad on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and enjoy the sites going up and down the mountain. You might as well even pack a lunch and eat it on the Meister Hut rocks to really get the chance to soak it all in. If you really want to get up close and personal with the red, orange and yellow leaves, well, you can’t get much closer to them than in Cranmore’s Aerial Adventure Park. They will literally be right in front of you! I don’t only love the foliage in the fall, but also how fresh the air becomes. There really is nothing better than cruising down the Mountain Coaster, or flying on the Soaring Eagle Zip Line through the warm, yet crisp, fall breeze. 

Plus, we all know what else comes with fall at Cranmore, right? Yup, you got it- the Ghoullog. Now the Ghoullog is something I cannot pass up. Imagine the scariest scene in your favorite horror movie. Now imagine yourself in it. BOOM- You just experienced every twist and turn through the Ghoullog. What’s even more exciting about the Ghoullog this year is that it has almost tripled in size, which means 3-times the scary! Plus, they’ve added a separate haunt to the menu, one that even I, a haunted house diehard, won’t be brave enough to go through. I don’t want to give too much away from what I already know, but you can check out more information from the new website that the Ghoullog just launched right here. If you're too excited to wait for the Ghoullog, watch the 2012 teaser right here... if you dare.

The crew working hard on the triple chair installation
Before you know it the snow guns will be fired up, and we’ll all be loading the lifts for first tracks this winter. You may even be one of the first skiers or riders to load the new triple chair that’s being installed now. I know we all can agree that skiing and riding can’t come soon enough. As much as I’d like to be out there riding my snowboard through freshly groomed packed powder down Kandahar on a bluebird morning, I think I’m going to wait this one out to enjoy the autumn scene, which is quickly rounding the corner.

Check out the Cranmore website for the latest information, and don't forget to "like" the Cranmore Facebook Page, as well as The Ghoullog Facebook Page to stay in the loop with what is going on.