Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Challenge - Ski Every Trail!

Thanks to Guest Blogger Cranmore Group Sales Manager Jilian Moulton!
Admittedly, I’m still waking up every morning, and thinking to myself “I hope it dumped massive amounts of snow last night!” I’m in a serious case of denial wondering what happened to winter, that is until I actually get out there and ski the snow. Trust me….it’s out there. And it’s good.
Yesterday I boarded the high speed quad with one mission in mind. I was going to ski every single trail at Cranmore on skier’s right, and then I was going to ski it again on the left. And maybe, just maybe- I’d be daring and ski right down the middle. Ok, so maybe I had three missions. Turning? Optional. However, after carving my first turn into the creamy hero snow, I made my mind up that turning is a good idea, and quite enjoyable. If you have the means, I highly recommend getting out there and making as many turns as your quads will allow.
Let’s start with Kandahar. Since Kandahar is one of the best trails on this hill, I’ve decided to make it my middle name. I like Kandahar because it’s a different world over there. The solitude and stunning view from this vantage point will always make Kandahar a top pick for me. The snow was soft and dreamy, yet surprisingly fast considering the temperature was a solid 40 degrees. After a recent field test, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are at least 18 different ways to ski Kandahar. It just doesn’t get old.
Normally, I would cite “Schneider” or “Koessler” as my top picks of the day for the pure fact that they are exactly opposite. Schneider is typically perfectly manicured with a nice little view of the east chair. Koessler is pure heaven because it is typically super sun baked and soft. Also, the boys are so busy making all of the other trails so perfect that they leave Koessler alone and it bumps up quite nicely. Bumps + perfect pitch= fun. Don’t forget that. Finish either by shooting across Jimmy’s Run, and then straight over to North to reach the quad. Not a bad little adventure.
If you’ve been paying attention, I said I would NORMALLY cite “Schneider” and “Koessler” as pick of the day. While they were generally just as awesome as usual, I’d have to say that “North Conway” down to “Lower Hurricane” into “Quad Shoot” is where the magic really happened. By 2:30 the snow on this route was soft yet still corduroy. I’m pretty sure everyone forgot to ski that trail on Thursday. Oops for them. Awesome for me.
So, while you may be sitting at home with a case of the spring blues all bummed out that the bulbs are pushing through your overly brown muddy back yard; you need to stop with the sadness and get on the hill. The snow is still out there and it misses you. Plus, with snow like this you’re bound to ski like a rock star, and with $25 e coupons online, this is way cheaper than therapy. 

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