Friday, July 1, 2011

Cranmore's Flying High!

We will be flying high this weekend when our brand new Giant Swing opens for the summer, Saturday July 2nd.

I just came in from a few test swings and what a blast!  The swing seats four people, two back to back, as a winch pulls it up around 40 feet and then drops you at a 65 degree angle (enough to think you might be going upside down).  Once it hits the highest point, your adrenaline starts pumping as you sit there anxiously waiting to be dropped...then it releases and here comes the screams and laughter.  It's a thrill that everyone must try!  (insider tip: I've tested both sides a couple of times and have decided the downside is more intense then facing up...but that's just my opinion.  There's something about dangling there not knowing how much further you have until you reach the top that adds to the excitement).

We took some pictures below of some of the test runs.  See you out there!

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