Friday, June 10, 2011

My Mountain Adventure Park Experience

I got to check out Cranmore's all new Aerial Adventure Park last weekend and I had such a blast!  After a brief ground school lesson, where I learned the "ropes" of the park, I hiked over to the yellow beginner course which is closest to the ground with shaking legs.  A few hours later I was practically hanging upside down, 40 feet up on the commando crawl found on the most advanced black course. 

The course has something for everyone and will challenge even the most experienced climber, yet even the little ones can have a great time.  Though it's a self guided tour, there are staff throughout the course.  There are tires, pogo sticks, zip lines, rope ladders, tight wires, moving beams and more to make your way across.  I've been to a couple of ropes courses and this park definitely takes the top of the list.  What a great workout it was too!

After a morning of playing in the trees, it was time for lunch so I loaded the Express Quad and ate my packed lunch on the deck of the Meister Hut- The perfect spot of a scenic snack.

After I fueled up with a little break, I made my way over to the Mountain Coaster.  Now, this wasn't my first time on the coaster- I've done it plenty of times this past winter, but what a different experience it was in the summer!  You get wonderful views of the surrounding mountains, and a great breeze on your way down the track.  I swear the coaster goes faster now too (or maybe I'm not using the brakes as much?) Insider tip: Try not to open your mouth too wide as you're screaming with excitement, you don't want to turn into a human bug catcher!

Right next to the coaster are two lanes of summer tubing.  It's the same concept as winter tubing, minus the snow.  Once you get your tube, you take the surface lift to the top of the park.  The tubing lane is lined with a material called Neveplast which allows the tube to cruise down just like it would on snow- and it's just as fun.

On my way out of the park, I couldn't leave without attempting a double back flip on the Bungy Trampoline, and of course had to climb Spyder Mountain and come back down on the inflatable slide.  I finished off the day with a scoop of Moose Tracks ice cream from Legends Grill.  What a perfect day at Cranmore!  Definitely can't wait to fly high on the Giant Swing. 

Cranmore's Mountain Adventure Park is now open weekends from 10am-5pm and daily starting June 18th from 9am to 6pm. They've posted some money saving coupons good on select dates, where you can save $4 off your all access pass, but it must be downloaded the night before the selected date.  All passes are available for sale right here in Cranmore's e-store.

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