Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In the Home Stretch!

Now is the time to make it out to Cranmore Mountain!  With us hitting the end of March, spring skiing is in full effect.  Firm and fast mornings give way to warmer temperatures and soft conditions that make skiing a blast.  It's always great to experience it with less layers and the option of doing some BBQ'n after a sunny day on the mountain.  What could be better than both at the same time?  Come join us on March 27th for our year end Cranarchy where we will be grilling up some mighty fine food, blasting some tunes, and Darkside's loyal riders will be rail jammin'.  Speaking of less layers, we'll be hosting our annual Spring Splash on March 26th where skiers and riders can test their pond skimming abilities across our slush pool!  More info on the event here: Spring Splash!  Go out, get soaked, dry off, warm up, and head on back to Cranmore the next day for the Cranarchy Bash!

We picked up some late season snow with another 4 inches on Monday the 21st, bringing our total up to 104" on the year. It has definitely been a great season at Cranmore and it was nice seeing mid-winter conditions during the final week. Everything is a little better with some snow on top! Right before this snowfall was The Mascot Jam. It was a blast with some fierce competition between heated mascot rivals! They got to duke it out under bluebird skies and warm temps! C-more and Keeko ended up in a tie for the top spot but there was much mascot blood, sweat, and tears shed during the event.

Even though our winter operations are wrapping up shortly, we have quite the summer line up in store for you! We have the newest family attractions in the White Mountains. We teased you last blog, now here is the meat and potatoes: Summer at Cranmore! There you will find details on the New Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park. You've got to experience the mountain coaster all winter and that will carry over to our summer park along with such additions as mini-golf, giant swing, and aerial adventure course! We hope you're ready to make it a great summer Cranmore!

Early on in the Mascot Jam!

Getting ready to tube!

Mascots taking over the carpet lift!

So you think you can dance?

Wild times at the Jam!

Spring Snowfall!

Dumping late-March!

The Darkside is looking prime!  Rebuild for Cranarchy in progress!

Spring or Winter?

Some fresh lines after a night of snow!

Creating snake trails!

The clouds opened up bringing out the sun for this perfect day!

To the summit for another powder run!


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