Tuesday, February 8, 2011

White February!

Cranmore has hit full stride in this wonderful month of February!  A round of back to back storms dropped 17 inches in two days to start off the month and we haven't looked back since.  This fresh snowfall topped the trails and filled in the glades.  There is nothing like that floating feeling of making fresh tracks into plentiful powder.  You can even check out shots of it in last week's video snow report under weekly videos found here: Cranmore Media Gallery.  Following the two day event was bluebird skies, comfortable temperatures and the best conditions of the year.  The groomers cultivated the soft snow perfectly and left us lucky skiers and riders with buttery corduroy.  Since then we've picked up another half foot of snow bringing our season total up to 72".  Although the year started off slowly, we've welcomed every bit of snow we have been getting and this only helps to extend our season as our base has been constantly growing. 

Planning a trip to Cranmore in the near future might be in your best interest.  We even have some deals in place if you book ahead.  Coming up on Valentine's Day we have one sweet offer for you!  If you follow this link: E-Coupons, you'll be taken to a page where you can purchase a $14 dollar lift ticket for February 14th.  Make sure you do it before the 24 hour in advance deadline and you'll be skiing and riding for less than a quarter of the cost of an adult day ticket here at Cranmore.  Make a date with us!

We'd like to say thanks to all who came out and participated in the Race to Beat Cancer here on the 6th.  It was great to see all the donations and support given.  We know you had a blast competing in the NASTAR format race and the timed tubing runs.  Your help is greatly appreciated by those afflicted with the terrible disease.  Give yourself a pat on the back, you're making a difference in someone's life!

Thanks for checking out this week's blog. Remember you can stay up to date on all things Cranmore on our webpage at http://www.cranmore.com/ and at our facebook page located here: Cranmore Mountain Fan Page . We'll see you on the slopes!

Double it!

A little snow never hurt anyone.  A lot of snow made us happy!

C-more's saying he wants that much snow!

The masses came out to enjoy great conditions this past weekend!

The kids must love snow days living so close to Cranmore!

Thanks Mother Nature for the bountiful buffet of snow!

Visibility is low in the white room!

Come fly high with us at Cranmore!

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