Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We Are Now 100% Open!

Thanks to Mother Nature lending her caring touch on the region, we've been able to open all trails and glades today on January 19th, 2011!  This is our first day of 100% open terrain on the season.  After a slow start to the winter, the snowfall has been ramping up this month laying nice coverage on our trails and providing a nice base in the woods.  We have picked up 2+ feet of snow since January 12th and there is more in the forecast for the near future!  Remember to check out our Cranmore Mountain Fan Page on facebook to see up to date photos of all the snow and beautiful conditions!  Cranmore Mountain Fan Page

The skiing has been phenomenal here the past two weeks.  Our snowmakers did an excellent job setting us up with a great base to build upon.  Now we can let the snow falling from the skies take care of the rest.  The groomers have also been out in full effect to help manicure the mountain to perfection.  One of my favorite runs to take when the snow is falling is Schneider to Artist Falls.  The trees help shelter it from the wind and the snow just piles up!  Give it a try next time you see some considerable snow in the forecast!  You can stay up to date on our news and conditions at our Cranmore Website.

The terrain parks have also seen some major upgrades in the meantime.  A full build took place from last Monday through Friday that saw the Otherside and Darkside receiving some new additions.  The iconic stairset saw installation as well as some new rails and boxes to get tricky on.  It's been great to see shredders of all ages taking advantage of the features.  We're not done yet though as we have major plans in place to bulk up the Otherside and Darkside for USASA Slopestyle competition on the 29th of this month.  We hope you're ready to show up and bust out a bag full of tricks to impress the judges!

Cranmore sends thanks to everyone who came out and spent Martin Luther King weekend with us.  From fireworks and nightskiing to a pirate themed Cranapalooza and apres events, we were the buzz of North Conway.  What helped this weekend be so special was the arrival of 14" of perfect powder the Wednesday before that help set up perfect conditions.  The only downside was the Patriots not prevailing against the Jets, but we live to ski another day!

Slashing up some pow yesterday during the snowfall!

This is where you can find the good stuff!

Couldn't be a better place than to be shredding under blue skies than Cranmore!

Children taking advantage of the powder in more ways than one!

Not a bad view that greets you at the top of South Slope.

Tubing fun in the sun!

Last week's powder dump was a good one!

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