Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Winter is Right Around the Corner!

Looking at Mt. Washington this afternoon lets us know that winter is on its way.  The snow capped peaks are a reminder that we'll be back to our favorite activities in no time.  I hope everyone is geared up and ready for what surely should be another great season.  Test runs on the new Mountain Coaster went off as planned and is an experience no one should miss when it becomes fully operational in just a few weeks.  A video will be up soon showcasing the ride and info can be found here - Mountain Coaster.  Right next to the coaster is an upgraded tubing park that will have ten lanes to accommodate even more family fun.  Our expanded ski school terrain looks great in the background as construction continues on the Arlberg Children's Center.  Be sure to check back in as we approach our proposed opening day of November 26th, 2010!
Working hard to get it ready for you
Upper Helix with a beautiful view, unfortunately you'll be going too fast to notice
 The Lower Helix where you can get your last blast of g-force
Jibs in the foreground, Cranmore in the back.  Pretty soon these two will make a nice combo

The expanded tubing park minus the snow...for now!
These three are headed to the C-More's to check out the newly cut trails

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