Friday, March 12, 2010

Incredible Spring Conditions Continue at Cranmore

I just went out for a few runs this morning and wanted to share with you how sweet the snow is right now. I know, it looks ugly around the parking lot with mud and receding snow banks. But trust me, once you get up on the hill, you are in for a treat.

I started out on a run down the East Slope right at 9am (first chair!). Groomed courdoroy greeted me and my friends as we zoomed down the trail to the little red chair at the bottom of the East. A quick ride back up to the summit and we tested out the fabled north side and the Skimeister trail. It did not disappoint, with more edge-to-edge coverage and nice soft turning corn snow.

Cut across on Bandit and down to the Quad and back up to a run down Ledges. Ledges is a steep beauty with views to the Moats and Cathedral Ledge. And with a nice deep base of snow, the conditions were soft and edgeable all the way down (soft, but not too soft!).

Final run down Kandahar showed similar surfaces with nary a brown spot to be found. Don't let rain to the south or no snow in your backyard fool you. Conditions are holding up nicely. We received over two feet of snow at the summit just a few weeks ago. That and our 80 new snow guns have ensured a strong finish to the season, currently slated for March 28th.

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