Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Tubing Park Construction Photos!

The construction fun continues at Cranmore! Johnny, Jimmy, Rick and the rest of the Cranmore ops crew have been out on the hill daily, rain or shine, setting up the new Tubing Park along with our new friends from Neveplast.

Here's Johnny removing the matting from the back of the truck on the day it arrived!

Rick's watchful eyes on the whole process.

The matting pieces together - almost looks like a Lego set, doesn't it?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tubing Park - Under Construction!

We are working hard here at Cranmore to prepare for the July 1st opening of the Tubing Park and Fun Zone. It's always fun to see construction photos on the mountain so I wanted to share with you these photos, thanks to our good friend and photographer, Bill Lee.

Here's the magic carpet lift, installed at the base of the South.

This shot gives you a sense of its placement on the Slope. Check out those newly painted South Chair towers - love the new black paint!

Another angle showing its placement on the South. The tubing lanes will go on skier's right of the Carpet.

Happy tubers will ride this Magic Carpet lift to the top of the new tubing park and then slide down on the special Neveplast tubing surface. You will also access the Disc Golf Course from the top of this lift. Don't worry, we are installing a hand rail on either side and we've planted grass where you see dirt here!

And here is the scope of the entire park area. The Fun Zone will be set up at the bottom of the South along with a snack shack where you can also buy tickets.

Speaking of tickets, our summer e-store is up and running so check in, buy your tickets and be ready for fun in the sun at Cranmore for your summer vacation!