Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Supreme Snow Conditions Continue at Cranmore

I am running out of hyperbole for snow conditions this winter. We got another foot of snow Sunday night, adding to the foot we got on Thursday. Today was another blue bird beauty and the combination of sunshine and powder was irresistible.

I went out with sales manager Krissy Fraser to do some product testing, you know, all the better to tell the many boy scout troops who come to our mountain every weekend. Here she is at the bottom of Jughandle, which was chock-a-block full of pow-pow. Yummy!

Next came a run through Red Pine Glade to Ledges, which was unexpectedly left ungroomed for a change. Don't let anyone tell you Cranmore lacks challenging terrain - this steep beauty left my heart beating fast as I finished up the run. Sweet!

And is there anything better than a run down the East Slope to the classic East Double Chair on a sunny day? You can still find untracked powder on skier's left on lower East.

Speaking of untracked powder, I skied as many glades as I could today - Beech, Treemeister, Black Forest, Pipeline - all wonderful, all full of stashes of powder still today, 48 hours post-snow storm.

This week's forecast shows more fair weather which should hold up conditions nicely throughout the period. New Hampshire school vacation week is in full swing. Grab a few days in the winter sunshine snow while you can!

Kathy Bennett

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