Monday, February 16, 2009

Snowmaking Resumes at Cranmore

I spent just about all day yesterday on the mountain and had the pleasure of skiing nearly every trail. I am happy to report that Cranmore's groomers are miracle workers and the mountain has rebounded in spectacular fashion from last week's precipitation event, or as some of you call it, the "R" word.

Saturday night I went for a ride down and around the mountain with Snowcat Johnny, Supervisor of Cranmore's grooming and snowmaking team.

These massive machines with knowledgeable hands at the wheel till the snow surfaces the way a plow carves through soil. There is still a TON of snow out there, and with the right people at the helm like Johnny, the snow transforms to corduroy every night.

And just to sweeten things up even more, Johnny and the crew hit several of our most popular trails with snowmaking last night, including Middle, North and South.

When I came in from my long day on the mountain yesterday I saw for the first time the tell-tale sign that the sun is now higher in the sky than before - freckles and rosy cheeks from the sunshine on my face, which I did not have to cover in fleece and neoprene to survive my day outside. Time for sunscreen once again! Break out the sunglasses and Tan More at Cranmore!

For those of you who are fans of Facebook, do yourself a favor and after you add Cranmore as a friend, seek out the Cranmore Geese who have somehow waddled around and set up their own Facebook profile. I honestly do not know who set up this profile but the Geese have an uncanny ability to capture the true essence of a day at Cranmore. Break out the bread crumbs!

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