Friday, December 26, 2008

Cranmore Vacation Week

We're off to a great start here at Cranmore for vacation week. We received over two feet of snow in the last 2-3 weeks and last Monday was one of the best powder days I have personally experienced here or anywhere, East or West.

Because of the snowfall we were able to open some of our new terrain which relies on natural snow. I checked out Gibson Chutes and greatly enjoyed the steeper narrow trails through the woods off the Gibson trail, down to the new Tommy's Trail. Snowboarders be forewarned - Tommy's is a traverse so be prepared to unstrap and walk portions of it, including the short uphill bit at the very end before it reenters Beginner's Luck. Still, the three snowboarders who passed me on the Chutes thought it was worth it to snag all that fresh powder in the woods.

I also did my first glade runs of the year in old favorites like Treemeister and Beech glades.

Mother nature decided it was time for loose granular conditions but thanks to the deep base from her and our snowmakers, we still have excellent coverage even after some less than snowy precipitation.

New Year's Eve ticket sales have been brisk and we anticipate selling out over this weekend, if not before (only about 17 were left as I type this Fri. afternoon). But never fear, we will have PLENTY of room for anyone who wants to come skiing, riding, tubing or to view fireworks or the bonfire. But the lucky coupla-hundred folks who bought their tickets in advance will have VIP access to the Chris Fitz Band show in the Eating House.

The rest of you can enjoy listening to live music in the main base lodge set up with its own beer & wine bar on the 3rd floor - a great vantage point to enjoy the fireworks. Sit on the upper deck with a Sunset Wheat beer and watch the fireworks over the ski slopes at midnight - does it get any better than that?

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