Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Long Live Mountain Meisters!

This morning, little snowflakes were falling as I drove to work. Last year, we began snowmaking on Nov. 11th and here at Cranmore, our snowmakers are at the ready, preparing to blow the white stuff as soon as weather permits. Jimmy tells me it's going to be warm through this weekend but we are looking at the long-range forecast and seeing temps in the teens at night starting early next week. Then watch out!

In the meantime, a sure sign of winter is upon us tomorrow night, as Mountain Meisters kicks off the season with its annual Captain's Meeting, Wed. Nov. 12 at the Eating House at Cranmore at 6pm. Team captains, or those wanting to learn more about the largest recreational race league in the country, are welcome to come to hear about this winter's Meister races.

When I first came to Cranmore over 6 years ago, I wondered why everyone was so psyched about Meisters. Especially for my own purposes. I'd never raced gates or worn a GS Suit (everyone can be thankful for that).

In fact, it took me 5 winters here before I joined a Meisters team. I snow plowed around the gates week after week, like many of my fellow Meisters. But it's not all about race times, although there are certainly some excellent and serious racers in the ranks.

Meister races are on Wednesdays, when the many local retail, hospitality and ski area employees have time off from their jobs. Not only is it a great excuse to ski at least once every week, it's also a not to miss social scene.

If you're a local, I hope you'll consider joining a Meister Team this year. It is very affordable and it will make you a better skier and a better racer; plus you'll have an excuse to hang out with all your friends every Wednesday afternoon.

If you're not a local but are in town on a random Wednesday this winter, stop by Zip's Pub and take in the Apres Scene. It is one you just will not find on a typical weekend here. Apres ski like a local! It's fun!

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